June 26 2022, 14 Comments
Access to having a safe abortion is not only a right to basic healthcare, but a human right!  But, let's all be honest that the recent Supreme Court Ruling that overturned Roe v. Wade, setting women's rights in the United States back decades, is not about protecting unborn children. It is ALL about social and political power gained from the control of women's bodies.


Roughly half of the states within our country have been given the permission and will outright ban abortions within the next year, and many have plans for immediate restriction. The place you live and your access to care have never mattered more. This is especially true for marginalized communities who are already criminalized in their everyday lives.


We live in a country with:

-NO universal healthcare

-NO universal childcare

-NO paid family & medical leave

-WITH already one of the highest maternal mortality rates amongst wealthy nations


Why does this unborn child's life have more value than the woman carrying? Why are there no policies in place as the ones listed above to ensure that ALL children are taken care of - AFTER they are born? Forced pregnancy is a crime against human rights. The right to choose is a right of privacy. Policing women's bodies is NOT the answer. Additionally, the regulation of abortions is simply going to end the practice of safe abortions. Many will die as a direct result of this overturn by complications of unsafe abortions because they will have no other choice.


Now is the time, more than ever to voice your opinion and speak out. This is an attack on our bodies, and we need to make ourselves heard.


Below is a list of some ways you can help out, and places in need of donations in now banned states access the proper healthcare they deserve.

1. Follow your local abortion fund on social media. Sign up for their newsletter to stay updated on changing regulations and for local donations.

2. The M+A hotline 1.833.246.2632 offers confidential & private support on misscarrages and abortion with volunteer clinicians and info about abortion pills.(English & Spanish)

3. @ReproCareFund offers peer-based emotional support and info via phone or text for people using abortion pills. 1.833.266.7821 (English & Spanish)



By Brookelynn Starnes