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We are so excited to announce our newest brand to our shop, BELLA FREUD!

“Controversy and innovation are hardwired into her DNA”

We all know the name FREUD:  whether it be Bella’s father - Lucien, the trailblazing English Portraitist, or her Great-Grandfather - Sigmund, the famous founder of psychoanalysis. Her family history can be subtly seen through her work, as her clothes clearly reflect an “intellectual playness”. 

Bella was born in London and left home at the age of 16 to intern for Vivienne Westwood in Chelsea. Shortly after, she left New York to study fashion and tailoring in Rome. When she returned, she drew inspiration for her own brand from Westwood, stating she “makes you listen in a way you might not bother to listen.”

There is a luxe quality to her clothing, while still incorporating grunge “sex, drug and rock&roll” along with many other subconscious elements that she picked up from her family and her personal life. It was important to her that the brand remain small and environmentally conscious. This made her designs even more coveted and limited edition. 

The brand first became known for their graphic sweaters - which instantly became a popular hit among all, most notably Kate Moss, Alexa Chung, Madonna and Courtney Love. See our new Bella Freud 1970 Sweater - now online!

The story behind the 1970 Sweater: 

''While messing around on my photocopier I spied the date 1970 printed in the corner of a page of the book I was leafing through. I kept blowing it up, then cut it out and pinned it onto my black jumper. It had a rough charm that made me think of the early New York punk scene in the 70's, and Patti Smith.''

We are so excited to bring you some amazing pieces by Bella Freud, and we know you're going to LOVE them!



Cloak & Dagger

By Brookelynn Starnes