Brands We Love: Sessùn

August 15 2017, 0 Comments
Sessùn has long been a favorite of ours here at Cloak & Dagger: the simple silhouettes and classic prints that have become the brand's signatures never fail to disappoint. Since Sessùn makes truly amazing clothes, we thought it'd be interesting to share a little a more about the brand-- inspirations, origins, and everything in between. 
Sessùn was founded by Emma François in 1996, after she traveled to South America. A former anthropology student, she was indelibly inspired by the artisans she met on her travels, who showed her how to weave, sew and embroider, among other things. Struck by the simple beauty of creating things, Emma decided then and there to begin her career in fashion. 
She returned to France, and in 1998 presented her first collection at the Who's Next show in Paris. After the show, she set up a base in Marseilles and continued working, eventually winning the Jeune Créateur (young creator) award from the Institut Mode Méditerranée (Mediterranean Fashion Institute) in both 1999 and 2001. From there, the brand took off, and now has seven brick-and-mortar boutiques, in addition to shipping to numerous overseas and European countries. 
It's not surprising that a brand founded on travel would be so international-- and Emma herself travels to Japan (among other countries) multiple times a year, as both inspiration and rejuvenation for the Sessùn brand. Music is also a key inspiration for Emma, with the eclectic style and aesthetics of musicians such as Bat for Lashes, Cocorosie, and The Do providing enormous influence. Films, records, paintings, and stories are big inspirations for Emma as well. 
Collaboration is also at the heart of Sessùn's ethos-- Emma has forged creative partnerships with the likes of graphic and sound designer DJ Sundae, and more recently, the ceramicist Pierre Buisson. Always seeking to collaborate, Emma has expressed a desire to working with Irish watercolorist Donna Huddleston, and photographer William Eggleston. 
The next time you're looking to add some sophisticated flair to your look, check out Sessùn. You won't be disappointed! 
By Libby Torres