C+D STYLE: 4 Queens of Classic Horror We Just Can't Get Enough Of!

October 06 2016, 0 Comments

Now that October has finally arrived, We find ourselves taking in all the treats this month has to offer! There's nothing like fall transition and breaking out all our Fall jackets and binge watching our favorite horror classics! And in time for Halloween, We've decided to give you a list of 5 stylish scream queens we're crushing on HARD. Now before you go running to your closets to pull some inspired looks; Beware of ghosts, ghouls, and any psychos lurking around the corner! #spooky


4. Kim Novak As Judy Barton/Madeleine Elster - Vertigo

Alfred Hitchcock films were notable for their plots, icon status in the film industry, but most of all ( to us of course ) for having some of the most STYLISH female leads in horror film history! As we can't list all (we'd be here forever) one of our top favorite Hitchcock babes is Kim Novak in Vertigo. Playing two different characters (um talented much?) we're in awe at how flawlessly she transitions between styles! 


3. Shelly Duvall as Wendy Torrance - The Shining

Wendy, Wendy, Wendy. As long time admirers of Shelly Duvall, We absolutely love her style, and if a movie character could be our spirit animal, it'd be Wendy Torrance. Her effortless yet quirky style is something reminiscent of a vintage doll. We'll sit through a terrifying 2.4 hours just for the outfit inspo. We'll take overalls and plaid any day minus the psycho killer husband though!


2. Jessica Harper as Suzy Bannion - Suspiria

This iconic Italo-horror film has all the style. We're seriously into suzy bannion' sweet, effortless style!


1. Mia Farrow as Rosemary Woodhouse - Rosemary's Baby

Mama Mia! Mia Farrow is one of our top inspirations when it comes to style and EVERYTHING ELSE! If we could have her entire wardrobe from over the decades i dont think we'd ever have to go shopping again. So when we saw rosemary's baby we were nothing short of impressed that someone could look THAT good while carrying a crazy demon baby! 

By Alexis Perea