CITY LIVING: Neighborhood Explorations

July 20 2016, 0 Comments


We as humans are naturally curious and always ready to explore new places and learn new things. Which is why when we’ve been frequenting places for too long we get bored and eager to find something new! The same goes with New York City and its neighborhoods. Which is why we at Cloak and Dagger put together a little blog series on neighborhood explorations. We’ll be going over the many neighborhoods in NYC and all the fun things to do in them! First up is the vibrant, and lively Lower East Side.

Known for it’s problematic past, the Lower East Side has gone through a series of HUGE changes. The lower east side has become one of the most fashionable and trendy neighborhoods in New York City! Filled with restaurants, Cafe’s, Art Galleries, Street Art and a notorious night life scene, The LES has so many attractions you’ll never get bored!

First off, food is one of the most important factors in what makes a “fun” neighborhood. The LES is home to some of the most famous restaurants like, Katz Delicatessen (for all your oversized sandwich needs), The Lucky Bee if you’re craving  BOMB Southeast Asian food, Le Turtle for all your French and vegetarian needs, and many more!

And If you're just in the mood for a light snack or coffee, the spreadhouse cafe, Pause cafe, and Les Enfants De Boheme are some really good choices with an AMAZING vibe/interior.

The art scene in the LES is huge! Galleries like Y Gallery, ABC No Rio, and Steven Harvey Fine Art Projects have all the art you need if you're in the mood for gallery hopping!

The Lower East Side is also easily accessible to the Williamsburg Bridge so borough hopping to Williamsburg is very easy!

And Whether you want to have a picnic, or just chill out with your friends and family by the water, The East River Park is just a short walk away from all the shopping areas! 

The Lower East Side is definitely a neighborhood in nyc with LOTS to offer, Be it the colorful Murals that decorate each street, or the local people living their daily lives, or the fashion and cuisine. The LES is a neighborhood with lots of character and will leave you feeling inspired from the start to end of your visit!


By Alexis Perea