Cloak & Dagger's Guide to NYC's Hottest Art Exhibitions

November 02 2017, 0 Comments
Now that you no longer have to focus on creating artful disguises for Halloween festivities, keep the magic alive by visiting some of the hottest shows in New York this fall! Here's a list of our favorites...
1. The Whitney's An Incomplete History of Protest 
This exhibit delves into the ways artists have historically created pieces to take a stand and make some noise! The pieces are playful, engaging, and all have deeper messages that had long lasting effects on the social and political landscapes of their time. 

2. The Met's Is Fashion Modern?
Pop by the MoMA this fall and explore the intersection of fashion and history through the Museum's latest exhibit, which displays certain iconic pieces such as levi's 501 jeans, the Breton top, and the little black dress. Come learn about how these time-tested faves have defined the relationship between fashion and function, identify and culture.
Through January 28th, 2018. 
3. Yayoi Kusama at David Zwirner Gallery
The famed Japanese artist is one again bringing her mesmerizing infinity rooms to New York through a show called "Festival of Life"! The exhibit opens today, and rumor has it the artist herself will be there! But if you're not in the mood to wait on very long lines, the exhibit will be open through December 16th. 

4. The New Museum's Trigger: Gender as a Tool and as a Weapon
This exhibition features a diverse group of intergenerational artists who transcend the boundaries of societal notions of gender and identity. The pieces investigate art's role in the upheaval of these norms. If you want to challenge yourself and learn something new, the exhibit is open until January 21st and is a must see! 
By Accumula Collaborator