GIRL CRUSH! C+D Style Muse-Claudia Cardinale

June 01 2017, 0 Comments
Say Ciao, Bella to our current girl crush and style inspiration; Italian film star, Claudia Cardinale! An international style muse, you can catch Claudia in classic films from the 60's such as "The Pink Panther", "Once Upon A Time in the West", and Federico Fellini's "8 1/2". 
Discovered at the 1957 Venice Film Festival after being named "The Most Beautiful Italian Girl", Claudia Cardinale is a bombshell if we've ever seen one, and her style is to die for! We're obsessed with her consistently classic and flirty pieces. 

Claudia's look is is the perfect mix of feminine and chic with a 60's mod twist. Clearly, you can see why she is one of our muses- she is timeless and always sticks to simple silhouettes that flatter her figure; a style rule that ever girl should follow!
Sexy slip dresses, bright colors and bold prints are common trends from Claudia Cardinale, adding a little Italian zest to her otherwise simplistic wardrobe. We love how she can take a plain outfit and give it a little dash of glamour, style and attitude! 
Whenever you feel like your outfit could use a little extra something, look no further than our gal Claudia for some style inspiration, and embrace "la bella vita"!
By Nikki Steiner