6 New Years Resolutions For The Most Bad-Ass Babes!

January 03 2017, 0 Comments

After a long and stressful holiday season we are SO glad to be done with the old and in to a brand new year! And you can't start a new year without a plan! New years resolutions are VERY important because we give ourselves goals and a sense of direction for the new year. Otherwise we'll be running around aimlessly and falling victim to unhealthy and unproductive behavior. We don't want that! So if you're stuck in a rut of figuring out your resolutions for a productive and positive new year, Here are some to get you inspired!



Yeah we said it! As much as we love technology and how far phones have embedded themselves in our lives, we've come here to tell you.. Theres more outside the screen! Make sure you take many breaks during your day. Life is better when you reconnect with the physical and less with the digital.



We're all about body positivity for all shapes and sizes here at Cloak & Dagger, BUT the takeout has got to STOP. It's unnecessary money spent and all that fast food is doing awful things to your body! Take a few nights out of the week to cook a nice dinner for you and your roommates, or your significant other, Hit up a cooking class, or have a baking night with a few of your friends. It gets you into a more happy, less isolated, and healthy mindset. You'll feel alot better eating less greasy foods too!


3. Let your loved ones know you care!


No one has your back like your friends, family, and spouse! Thats why this year if you've been caught up in messy 2016 happenings, Take the time to let the people that know and love you best that you care! Be it a gift, or a cup of coffee in the morning, or just saying it! It's really appreciated.



Yeah, that shirt you bought on a whim two years ago with the tags still on it? It gotta go! We get into the habit of shopping and buy a ton of things we end up never wearing and after struggling to find our favorite jeans (FAR TOO MANY TIMES) We've decided that a little cleaning is in order. Lets keep it real. You haven't worn these things and you probably never will. So what you can do for an extra piece of mind, is donate all your lightly to unused clothing to woman's shelters. You're cleaning up your closet and giving someone who can't necessarily afford to shop a new look! You'll also have room for more #cuteshit Good for you girl!



You are a free bird! You have no limits and you can travel anywhere you want and work it anywhere on the globe. Traveling can assist the mind, body and soul and can remove your stresses because after all, you're in a foreign land and your problems don't exist there! Go see the countryside in france, the markets in india or take a trip to a quiet state. The world is yours for the taking!



The biggest theme for 2017 is self love and self appreciation. Don't be afraid to stand up for yourself, Treat yourself to thing you like, and have little 'you' dates. Take yourself to dinner, or the museum, or the movies, or shopping, or do whatever makes YOU happy. Also make sure you tell yourself you look cute every time you wake up and look in the mirror!

By Alexis Perea