C& D TRAVEL SPOTLIGHT: Exploring Havana, Cuba

May 30 2017, 0 Comments
Hola, Bonita! Welcome to Havana, Cuba- the land of colorful streets, amazing music and fabulous drinks! Havana has been a long-time favorite "escape" spot for artists and writers- Ernest Hemingway, included! With the beautiful beaches, rich culture and amazing food, what's not to love?! We're here to tell you why Havana, Cuba should be your next get-away destination, and where to go once you're there.
Watch the Sunset at El Malecon
El Malecon is 8 km of paved road where the locals go at the end of the day to relax, catch up, and watch the sunset. El Malecon faces a color filled street on one side and faces the ocesn on the other; offering something beautiful to look at in either direction. The street's around Malecon are known to have the best nightlife around. You can watch the sunset with friends, and then enjoy a night on the town!
Salsa Dancing at Jardines del 1830
If you're looking to get immersed in the culture of Havana, go salsa dancing at the famous Jardines del 1830. The dance floor in an open air garden, with a restaurant and bar built inside an old mansion by the sea. Dancing, food, and views; yes, please!
Rent a 1950's Convertible for a Coastal Drive
One of the most charming parts of Havana are the 1950's convertibles that are always riding around the city. For a fun, out of the ordinary day, rent your own colorful convertible and drive along the coast, discovering hidden gems along your way.
Drink a Mojito at La Bodeguita del Medio
Want to learn about history while enjoying a refreshing drink? Hit La Bodeguita del Medio for one of their famous mojitos. Another reason this place is so popular- Ernest Hemingway used to hang out and write here while sipping mojito's. Plus, there's often live music! 

Take a Walking Tour of Local Neighborhoods
Something I suggest everyone do when they visit a new city is to take your own walking tour through the streets and alleys. A bonus to doing this in Havana- you get to see all of the beautiful color and textiles on the buildings that Havana is known for. 


You could be the type of traveler that is simply looking for a nice spot to relax by the beach, or maybe you'd like a wild night on the town. Either way, Havana has something to offer everyone! Filled with natural beauty, charm and history, this is a place you definitely want to experience, babes!


By Nikki Steiner