July 11 2017, 0 Comments
It's summer in the city, which means there's bound to be an outdoor party around any corner! Every city girl needs a chill area to unwind and have fun after a long, hectic day, and your backyard or patio can be the perfect spot. If you've got the space, who says you can't have a real backyard in a concrete jungle?  
Here's what you'll need to turn your space into an urban oasis..
If you plan on having company, or just want to soak up some sun solo, chairs are a must! Comfy lawn chairs are great for tanning, and cute wicker or metal chairs are great for dinner and lounging. Tip: little seat cushions are always a great idea for comfort (and they're cute!)
Festive Lights
What good would a backyard be without some pretty lights to enhance the vibe?! Our favorites are string lanterns that you can hang on just about anything, but tea lights (or even Christmas lights) are a great alternative. This will instantly give your space a magical feel that will make anyone feel at home.
Just like lights, candles are a great idea for lighting and setting the mood for your space. They also work as a great bug repellent (citronella candles in particular), which is necessary in any outdoor space!
Plants and Flowers
The essential item for any backyard or garden: plants and flowers! If you're limited on space, a plant "rack" or wall is a great way to display your green friends, while giving them sun exposure as well. Some easy plants and flowers to grow in your little backyard are mint, marigolds, and lavender. All of them are fairly easy to grow and maintain, plus they're beautiful!
Ahh, the hammock; our favorite way to chill out in the summer. Get yourself a hammock and some sturdy poles to tie it to, and you're ready to hang! Add a little pillow for some extra comfort. 
Sweet summertime is the perfect time to work on your outdoor gardening and improve your "green thumb", or just hang with friends in your super cool backyard. We hope to see a lot more urban backyards around the city this season, babes! 
By Nikki Steiner