GREEN LIVING: Farmers markets & why we love them

June 20 2016, 0 Comments

There are many ways to treat yourself and cute clothes are definitely one of them! But we at Cloak & Dagger also care about what we feed our bodies, not just how we dress them. That’s why for this week's blog trip we decided to pay a visit to our local farmers market!

Four times a week at Union square over 140 Regional farmers, Fishers, and Bakers set up Booths around the park and sell their goods to the public. Ranging from Plants and Herbs to Pastries and Produce there’s nothing you can’t find! Not to mention most of the goods sold are from local farms. So you’re getting food straight from the source and you get to support your local farms in the process. 



And for all you green thumbs out there, Or anyone looking to beautify their home with  greenery, You’ll be able to get your annuals and perennials there at a great price! 



 Now for the facts! Buying food Locally has an endless amount of perks that are beneficial for you as well as the environment.



Local produce is fresh and ripe. It also tastes better because it is usually sold within 24 hours of being picked. If you buy produce at a conventional grocery store, it will most likely have been kept in storage for days or weeks. (YUCK!)




The food that you're buying is seasonal. Not everything is available all year round, meaning what grows is abundant, least expensive and in top shape.

Buying local is more fulfilling! and knowing that your food has a story and was made by one of your neighbors makes it enjoyable! It also lets you know that your money is staying within your community and helping the growth of small businesses!



Another Great thing about Buying local are the environmental perks. Buying locally sourced food reduces your carbon footprint. Your food travels less so you're promoting better air quality and reducing pollution.



In All, Visiting the Market is an experience within itself. The park is bustling with people of all different walks of life. The vendors are super informative and are ready for any questions you may have and there’s usually live music or an event going on in case you wanted to do more than shop! More info can be found about these events on the market website! (

By Alexis Perea