March 28 2017, 0 Comments
Whether it's your boyfriend's favorite pair of work pants, or your sister's go-to vintage overalls, Levi's jeans has been a consistent favorite for as long as we can remember. In fact, the brand has been around since 1873 when the blue jean was invented for men's construction pants.  This is great because we just got the mother load in of Levi's in that emulate that vintage Levis.
Following the birth of the men's blue jean came the women's version in 1918. The purpose of the women's blue jean was to create a moveable pair of pants for women to work in. Levi's was one of the first brands to promote the women's liberation in the form of fashion. Little did they know, blue jeans for women would become one of the biggest markets in the world.
Fast forward to the present day, and you can't walk down a city street without seeing someone from fashion's "in crowd" rocking a pair of Levi's. We've been spotting Levi's on everyone from models and actresses to street style bloggers.  It's the comfort and durability factor, combined with great fits and styles, that keeps Levi's killin' the jean game! 
Italian style blogger and instagram favorite, Chiara Ferragni modeling a pair of old-school inspired jeans from her collaboration with Levi's.
Leandra Medine of @Manrepeller knows how to rock some denim, making a new pair of "mom jeans" look like one of the famous vintage styles.
French fashion "it girl" Sabina Socol knows exactly how to style a pair of jeans, adding some American flair to her classic Parisian style.
Camille Rowe-Bel, actress/model can be found wearing Levi's frequently, and considers them to be a style staple piece.
The beauty of the Levi's blue jean is they can be worn with just about any top, jacket, or shoes you could imagine. We don't exactly hate how great they make your butt look, either! 
Levi's has stood the test of time by staying true to their original aesthetic, while continuously re-working old styles into new, modern pairs of jeans that anyone would die to wear!
By Nikki Steiner